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Veterans for America First -

We are a grassroots America First organization that advocates for Veterans and creating programs to help Veterans right here in our home state of North Carolina. This organization will also speak from the conservative side of political stage to endorse and support candidates that stand up for Veterans and are good for the State of North Carolina and our local communities. As the organization grows, so will the programs. Starting with “Save a Vet with a Pet” which saves animals from being euthanized at pet shelters around the state and being trained by a program that works with the North Carolina Prison System in the training of the dogs and after training a Veteran receives a Companion Pet. This program helps a Veteran who is in need of a Companion Pet, it saves an animal from being put down and it helps in rehabilitation


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At Veterans for America First – North Carolina, Inc. our goal is to lead the fight in issues that impact our Military Veterans, including housing, healthcare, employment, pet companionship to help with mental health and lobbying. VFAFNC respects and embraces the sacrifices made to ensure our nation’s safety. We are committed to providing Veterans with support for their survival and well-being. It is believed within the company that our contributions in these areas can build a stronger America built from integrity, service, honor and honesty.

In North Carolina we embrace the America First movement We support Veterans in need, border security, Americans and their families. We do not support open borders, illegal immigrants receiving taxpayer support while Veterans are left behind or the Liberal agenda.


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Join us, fellow North Carolinians, in a courageous and determined plea to protect our nation. Together, we possess the power to enact meaningful change by committing our time, efforts, and resources to our shared mission. Let's come together and participate in socially conscious endeavors and actions to ensure the prosperity of our country's future. Every modest contribution counts, whether it involves endorsing petitions or volunteering, as each step taken leads to significant outcomes. Let's unify, stand firm, and uphold the esteemed heritage passed down to us by our nation's founders, while charting a new course forward. Register now to stay informed and receive exclusive invitations to events hosted by Veterans For America First - North Carolina Chapter, Inc.